Ahmar project brought together several experts in architecture, mechanical engineering and fluid engineering, with the purpose of developing a reliable, safe, sturdy and efficient product, with a design that appeals to alchemy’s old stories.

As a vital element of any modern laboratory, where harsh, high-risk tests are conducted, the fume cupboard symbolizes the safety required for this sort of spaces, in order to carry out their work to the fullest.



One of the goals of this project was to provide a proper response to the directives and regulations most relevant to this matter, established in Laborial’s basic principle on the respect for people and the environment.

As a guarantee to this principle, the fume cupboard is certified according to the EN-14175:2003 – Chemistry fume cupboard standard. Additionally, the support structure is developed according to the EN-13150:2001 standard, all electrical and electronic components are tested and certified and all service network connections, valves and color codes are according to ruling standards and legislation.

Chemical fume cupboard (Constant airflow)

Constant airflow ventilation control system;
Certified according to the EN-14175:2003;
Inner architecture developed, tested and certified to ensure the fulfilling of safety standards criteria;
Absolute containment of the gases produced in the worktop and low residence time of contaminants, both light and heavy;
Laminar air flow regime without turbulence outbreaks;
Central safety control system which triggers visual and sound alarms if the sash window is above the security height of 500mm or if the exhaust flow is below the minimum safety flow rate;
Easy handling of the sash window, with only one hand and safety brake at 500mm of sash window opening height;
Removable baffles to guarantee easy cleaning, maintenance and addition of services;
Double safety system to prevent falls from the sash window if there is a disruption in suspension strips;
System pressure relief in the event of an explosion;
Interior lighting over 450 LUX.

Walk-In fume cupboard

Fume cupboard without worktop, designed to allow the introduction of mobile equipment and assemblies, ensuring high security for users;
Removable side service panels, with easy access and visualization, making it extremely easy and economical to change and upgrade service networks;
Large front glazed panel, allowing a clear view of all processes within it;
Easy and ergonomic one-handed handling of windows.

GreenFlow - Low consumption fume cupboard

Lower exhaustion air flow than standard fume cupboards and most fume cupboards in the market;
Reduction of required indoor air-conditioned consumption;
Higher energy efficiency;
Patented technical solution for the removal of contaminants according to standards, with low exhaustion flow;
High return on investment in laboratories with several fume cupboards installed and air conditioning.

ChemPlus+ - Special lining fume cupboard

Special lining that ensures additional resistance while conducting experiments involving high thermal and chemical loads;
Superior performance of support and coating materials, even when exposure to severe conditions is prolonged over time;
Easy to clean and disinfect, optimizing the correct maintenance of the equipment.

VAV fume cupboard (variable air flow)

Programming of all set-points through programming module or specific software;
Low-value flow programming for night operation (room ventilation);
Communication protocols with GTC systems and other central management systems (LON, Bacnet, ModBUS, etc.).

Intelligent Fume Cupboards

New generation of fume cupboards, developed within the concept of the "Intelligent Laboratories" aimed at providing an innovative response to new and different requirements of laboratory practices without compromising the proper functioning of the equipment and the experiments performed within it, thereby respecting fundamental criteria of safety and functionality in laboratories.

Interactive work surface, enabling users to record and analyze data inside the fume cupboard. Devices protected by a high chemical resistant glass surface, solid and perfectly sealed, with perimeter edges, protecting all electrical and electronic components.

Inner projection that enables the user to visualize in a projected image on rear baffles, experimental protocols, data on reagents and processes, demonstration videos, videoconferencing, and other computing resources, providing a better experience for users, reducing failures, optimizing resources and improve its ergonomics and comfort.


Automatic sash control

Automatic sash control and opening system, which simplifies the handling of the fume cupboard, and enhances energy consumption management.

Inner temperature monitoring and control

Additional control system, which can be combined either with FC control system (FAZ) and FV01 (VAV) for improved management of works inside the fume cupboard.

Fume cupboard with side windows

Additional side windows for school laboratories. Allows a wider field of view of the experience taking place while also ensuring greater safety for users.

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