The integrated project was designed to combine the needs instrinsic to performance, output and safety of laboratory spaces with speciality áreas – Architecture, climate control and ventilation, electrotechnical installations and safety, fluid networks and other infrastructures.

The analysis of the spaces, from their design until the detail typical of Architecture and Engineering projects, leads to the optimization of material and financial resources and execution deadlines.

The stages of project and planning are the turning points in guaranteeing a final result of the highest quality and performance.


Laboratory spaces and special spaces for health are unique when compared to other work spaces, due to the requirements to guarantee safety, health and well-being of all those working in them.

We seek a global solution to meet the requirements of each laboratory and satisfy its demands at chemical, physical, biological or radioactive levels.

We offer a multidisciplinary team with technical skills for:
+ Analysis of the requirements of the space to develop
+ Integration of all needs
+ Conceptual design
+ Study of legislation and standards
+ Requirements for the accreditation of the laboratory space
+ Process optimisation
+ Global assessment of resources


Laborial relies on its own internal team, with expertise and proven experience in the management, design and construction of special technical facilities, supplemented with accredited specialists, in the production of specialization projects:

+ Architecture
+ Mechanical installations
+ Electro-technical installations
+ Hydraulic installations
+ Gas installations
+ Fire safety
+ Stability, excavation and containment
+ Acoustics
+ Ventilation and exhaustion of combustion gases
+ Energy and air quality certification
+ Thermal behaviour study
+ External finishing
+ Waste disposal system
+ Health and safety plan - project
+ Others


This service contributes to a minimization of the problems which commonly take place during and after the construction work, and Laborial is the company responsible and only interlocutor with the client, facilitating the communication and problem resolution.

The whole process involves the following phases:
+ Project execution
+ Procurement and logistics
+ Work Direction and Supervision
+ Coordination of HST
+ Monitoring and testing

Out technical capacity is proven by the quality management certificate NP EN ISO 9001:2008 for "management, conception and construction of integrated projects in laboratories".

The multidisciplinary team guarantees the execution and validation of projects with demanding deadlines and high levels of economical performance.


The delivery of the work to the client is made by the Project Manager or by the Construction Supervisor, who accompanies the client on a visit to the facilities, collating the project with its final execution and analysing its operation.

Simultaneously, the Complete Work Dossier with all the documentation on the installation is handed to the client and the entire protocol defined in the contract is deemed concluded. This protocol may include:

+ Final screens of the specialization projects
+ Descriptive document of the works
+ Inspection Reports and Specialization Tests
+ Manuals detailing instruction, operation and maintenance of equipment
+ Validation/Qualification of Installation
+ Training


We offer an effective technical service that ensures constant maintenance and promotes good operation and safety of installations.

Highly qualified technical teams guarantee the good operation and safety of all exhaustion equipment, filters, water, gas and sewage networks, electrical network and the entire infrastructure associated with the laboratory installation.

Using measurement equipment and advanced technology, we test and diagnose all chemical fume cupboards, laminar flow hoods, safety cabinets and other exhaustion equipment, according to national and international normative requirements.